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March 2013




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Mar. 3rd, 2013


Let's March to a new and tune this month

*cymbal crash*

Because the month is March? Ah ha?

Lol. I miss you guys.

Let's bring our A-game! Spring is just around the corner. A personal favorite time of the year.

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Feb. 23rd, 2011


Inner destruction

" If my heart becomes black and my soul deteriorates away, will you still love me or want to be friends with me?"

Just a random thought as I work.  I wonder if this is how CEOs of corporations felt like when they became heartless and thick skinned to survive this world.  Or are some people born naturally immune to feeling bad when they do something that highly inconveniences someone else to protect their back?

It's so different than when we were in high school or even college.  Then, we were all friends because we got along, we all disliked the same teachers, liked the same music, or suffered through band together!  Now, everyone is your enemy and your friend, but you must make them all feel like your friend.  Motives aren't all that pure and it's not like time can just shrug things off if there is drama.

At the very least, I think I am starting to think and feel on my own. If not on my own two feet, at least on my face. *FACE PLANT*

haha, I'm glad I can at least be my silly self here.  I love you guys and gals.

When this little experience of mine finally ends, I think I am going to take a long break from everything. 

Jan. 4th, 2011


News Years Resolution

Update this at least once a week.  

Let's see how well this goes.  I generally don't like talking about myself unless I have something I really need to let out, but maybe this will make me open up more and hopefully also act as a time for reflection. 

My "winter break" is coming to an end.  Technically, I never had one, but I made myself have one for the sake of getting away from Baltimore and being with Johnson and family.  Being back in California has been really nice.  It seems that a lot of people from c/o 2005 that I know have gone into teaching.  I wonder what the inspiration was behind each story. It really is too bad that I didn't think to ask until now (the day before I leave).

These past two weeks really have been wonderful.  I am glad to have had the opportunity to share the world I grew up in with someone relatively new in my life.  I think a lot of bonds grew stronger these past couple of weeks.  I hope they continue to strengthen as we all go on with our lives.  

Although my work may or may not go well, I know at least I have tried.  I feel guilty for not having given it my all, but I do not regret where that time has gone. 

Aside, I miss reading about everyone's life.  Where did everyone disappear to?

Jan. 23rd, 2010


Unfortunate Encounters

I have come across a good share of shady and sketchy people in Baltimore. Mostly everyone is fine, but there are a few individuals whose actions make your head spin and go "wtf". Each time though, I don't think I've dealt with it properly. Generally, i'm in shock and like.. "wtf"

I need to learn how to turn those wtf moments into moments of actions and sanity.

Jan. 14th, 2010


New Years Resolutions .. and some more

2010 Resolutions:
1) Eating Healthier. More specifically, I'm going vegetarian this year (minus eggs and fish). Goodbye pork, chicken, beef, lamb, etc.
2) Eat Breakfast!!
3) Exercise! At least 4 times a week.
4) Get a Job! This should be higher up. Time to restart the job hung and this time go at it full force. No stopping until I have a job!
5) Learn more. Topics of interest include cooking, baking, playing the guitar, knitting or crocheting, and anything else that crosses my path. =)
6) Be Healthier
7) Improve Language skills Chinese and English at the very least. Hopefully Italian if I get to it.

Underlying goal: TO GROW!!
haha, not really possible in height, but I Just want to develop myself further as a person, ensure that I keep on improving and move forward in life, all while enjoying it. =)

Some more:
3 months later, and I'm doing much better. I am still a little bitter, but that may or may not go away with time. I am learning more and more what I value/want in life as each week passes by. In short, I am a capable person, and I shouldn't curb what I can do or limit what I'm interested in because of someone else, no matter how awesome I may think they are.
Currently, I keep making new goals and finding skills or things I want to explore and learn. I hope this never changes. Eventually though, I hope to find someone that will truly accept me for who I am and walk forward in life with me.

Equally yoked.

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